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Wellness Services


Shari is a passionate explorer of the human body which has led her to a life as a professional dancer and choreographer, bodyworker, Pilates instructor and explorer of herbal medicine with over 20 years of experience.  Shari offers heartfelt body work that is deeply relaxing and transformative.

With Shari Brookler

Practicing Yoga

Private Pilates

Have a moving experience! Personalized, private, Pilates based movement sessions that will leave you feeling great!  Come play on the mat with me and a variety of Pilates toys. Get a full body workout and stretch session or experience a gentle movement session, I can accommodate your body's needs. 


Spa Massage

Body Odyssey Massage

Have a deeply relaxing experience as Shari takes you on a Body Odyssey. Offering heartfelt bodywork with sensitivity, love and care.  With over 20 years experience, Shari will create a unique bodywork session to meet your needs. Sessions incorporate a wide range of modalities with an emphasis on deep flowing bodywork, Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, acupressure and energy work. Come be transformed.

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